A W Bell Machinery will be unveiling their new shell building equipment at the ICI show in August. Over 12 months in the making, this new equipment is set to revolutionize the way foundries look at automation in the shell room. Aptly named the ‘Dip Mate’, this modular robotic dipping cell provides an economical and flexible system for shell building. The “single” module includes one slurry tank and one sander, perfect for back up coats, while the “double” module, contains two slurry tanks and two sanders, ideal for prime/intermediate, or intermediate/back up sequences.

The Dip Mate concept focuses on single tree dipping rather than multi tree hangers. It is the perfect solution for foundries transitioning from manual dipping, or for R&D facilities to perform testing on new product or new shelling materials. Offered as a stand alone skid mounted unit, the Dip Mate is ready to use straight out of the box. To increase capacity additional units can be added, while a conveyor line can be included to improve product handling.

“After supplying post casting equipment to investment casting foundries for over 35 years, we are extremely excited to be able to offer this equipment to the shell room area. The Dip Mate offers a unique proposition to foundries that are looking for more automation in the shell room without the significant investment, floor space or operator expertise required for larger integrated systems,” said Stephen Murtagh, A W Bell Machinery General Manager.

Video demonstrations of the first Dip Mate prototype will be on display at the ICI show in Pittsburg. Visit A W Bell Machinery at Booth No. 403 for more information.