Abrasive belt technology has proven to be the safest and most efficient material removal methods for the casting industry.  A W Bell Machinery utilise this technology in all of their grinders to deliver superior quality, consistency and productivity.


Manual Height Adjustable Grinder


Set on a compact footprint the MGS34 has been designed with the operator in mind.  Pneumatic height adjustment of the grinding belt allows the operator to work at the most comfortable height, resulting in reduced fatigue and higher operator efficiency.  

Key Specs

Power 3 kW
Belt width (standard) 100mm
Belt length 3350mm
Contact wheel diameter 356mm


Ideal as a stand alone machine, the MGS34 is even more effective when teamed up with one of A W Bell's automatic grinders.  Common belt size allows grinding belts no longer effective for manual grinding to be then used on the rapid grinding machines, which are then able to shatter the abrasive grit and extend the belt life considerably.  This equates to significant consumable cost savings.

RGS430, RGS450 & RGS460

RGS Plunge Series


The ideal solution for ingate removal of castings

The adjustable rise and fall action of the RGS programmable plunge grinders makes them the most versatile machine to remove both flat and circular gates.  The hydraulic control on the plunge motion provides consistent high pressures grinding that produces not only 10 times the rate to a conventional grinder but consistent results everytime. 

Key Specs

Model RGS430 RGS450 RGS460
Power 22 kW 37kW 45kW
Belt width (standard) 100mm 150mm 150mm
Belt width (max) 150mm 200mm 200mm
Belt length 3350mm 3350mm 3350mm
Contact wheel diameter 508mm 508mm 508mm
Table size 300 x 257mm 351 x 257mm 351 x 257mm
Table stroke 254mm 254mm 254mm
Max gate removal 1290mm2 2130mm2 2580mm2


Revolving Table Grinder


When tight tolerance is required

The RGS230 programmable rotary table grinder is the ideal choice for small to medium size castings with high production runs.  Capable of maintaining accuracy of 0.1mm it is excellent for castings requiring tight tolerance on flatness.
On continuous mode the RGS230 is only limited by how fast the operator can load and unload parts, producing significantly higher production rates than convential grinding or using a standard plunge machine.

Key Specs

Power 22 kW
Belt width (standard) 100mm
Belt width (max) 150mm
Belt length 3350mm
Contact wheel diameter 508mm
Table diameter 800mm
Maximum throat opening 160mm
Max gate removal 1290mm2


Reciprocating Profile Grinder


The servo axis control of the RGS850 along with the ability to change contact wheel size allow for accurate profile grinding of varied shapes, providing a solution for more complex parts to be processed autonomously in large batches in a single cycle.  User friendly, step by step HMI programming allows the operator to individually program each part cycle and store it for future use. The RGS850 machine is built on a compact footprint, facilitating installation and re-location if required, should your layout need to change.

Key Specs

Power 37 kW
Belt width (standard) 200mm
Up/Down Movement 270mm
Fore/Aft Movement 600mm
Belt length 3350mm
Table size 600mm (L) x 450mm (W)
Maximum throat opening 300mm


Options available include but are not limited to;

  • Fixture storage magazine
  • Barcode scanning
  • Laser height recognition
  • Cabinet sound proofing

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Five Axis Grinder


More like a CNC machine centre than an aftercast linishing machine, the RGS360 is A W Bell Machinery's large parts grinder. Fully automated cycle combines an indexing table with reciprocating motion to selectively linish at pre-programmed positions within the work area.  

The RGS360 permits motion steps to be programmed either by rotary, reciprocating or x-y head movement.  Therefore, whether it be multiple gates at different heights, one large gate or multiple parts per cycle, the RGS360 can be programmed to grind it.

Key Specs

Power 45 kW
Contact wheel diameter (standard) 250mm
Belt width 200mm
Belt length 3350mm
Max part diameter 860mm
Max part height 500mm


Swing Frame Belt Grinder


With safety in mind, AW Bell Machinery have designed the MPG40, a manually
operated abrasive grinding machine that offers extreme flexibility to tackle all types
of castings with a two button safety circuit to empower and safeguard operators.

Key Specs

Power 30 kW
Belt width (standard) 150mm
Belt length 3350mm

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