Cut Off Saws

For years the cut off process has been one of the most dangerous areas of foundry operations.  A W Bell Machinery have committed themselves to producing equipment  that improves safety while delivering equal or better productivity.

MPS30, MPS40 & MPS50

MPS Series Manual Power Saw


A manually operated abrasive cut off saw, the MPS series is designed with the operator in mind.  Unlike traditional methods of pushing the material into the wheel, the MPS machines present a safer alternative.  The MPS gives the operator complete control of the cutting wheel from a safe position.   

Not only does the MPS provide flexibility in movement and hydraulic height adjustment of the cutting wheel, the two button safety circuit protects the operator by ensuring the cutting wheel is only functional when the operator has both hands engaged on the controls and away from the wheel.

Key Specs

Model MPS30 MPS40 MPS50
Power 22 kW 30kW 37kW
Cutting wheel diameter (standard) 400mm 500mm 600mm
Height adjustment 350mm 350mm 350mm


PCS20 Power Clamping System

A perfect companion for the MPS Series Manual Power Saw.

The PCS20 power clamp utilises the pouring cup of the investment casting runner tree and can be designed to suit a wide range of cup sizes.  Alternatively, a custom design can be provided to clamp any other consistent feature of the tree.
Once clamped, the tree can be rotated up to 360° to facilitate speed of alignment and adjustments of the tree for consecutive cuts without releasing the clamp jaws.  A spring applied, hydraulic released brake secures the tree while cutting.

The optional rise/fall base gives the standard clamp a 254mm rise fall motion, as well as allowing the entire clamping head to slew around 90°.  This additional motion allows for both panel and horizontal trees to be cut, while the extra height adjustment gives the operator flexibility to cut at their most comfortable height, or to enable large or complex castings to be manouvered more easily.


Extended Arm Power Saw


Built on the MPS standard machine platform, the MPS EA expands the reach of the cutting wheel and offers a generous cutting work area to cater for the larger parts sector of investment casting as well as sand casting operations.

Key Specs

Model MPS40 EA MPS50 EA
Power 30 kW 37kW
Cutting Work Area 1800mm x 1800mm 1800mm x 1800mm
Cutting wheel diameter (standard) 500mm 600mm
Heigh Adjustment 800mm 800mm


Semi-Automatic Cut Off Saw


The ACS560 cutting system provides maximum safety in a fully enclosed, semi-automated system. Dual joystick operation provides the operator with fast and efficient control of part manipulation and cutting wheel from a viewing position directly in front of the work piece. With five axes of motion, re-fixturing of parts between cuts is minimised, further reducing operator lifting. Hydraulic drive of the
cutting head offers flexibility in design and advantages in use, with fast start and stopping of the cutting wheel.

Key Specs

Power 45 kW
Cutting wheel diameter (standard) 600mm
Up/down movement 600mm
Left/ right movement 750mm
Fore/aft movement 600mm
Table rotation 360°
Fifth axis 360°


Custom fifth axis design

The fifth axis can be custom designed to suit particular runner design. Hydraulic
clamping can also be integrated into the fifth axis as required.

Custom part envelope

Work with larger parts? We can design based on your requirements.

Interchangeable cutting head

Interchangeable cutting heads may be desirable if different sized wheels or different types of wheels need to be used. Through the use of different hydraulic motors, multiple cutting wheel speeds can be achieved. This is required for smaller abrasive wheels or diamond coated wheels which both need to run at faster RPM than the standard 24” abrasive wheel.


Crane & Hoist

An integrated jib crane with 2000mm reach (approx 1000mm from work table centre) enables easy loading of the work piece. The jib is mounted to the top of the machine, allowing reduced jib length and preventing a floor mounted crane from interfering with machine access. Included is a 150kg hoist.

Dust Collector

Stand alone dust collector units with spark arrester can be supplied with all necessary ducting. These units can also be integrated into the control system of the machine to ensure operation while cutting and provide feedback on error codes


Automatic Cut Off Saw


Built around a massive 90kW power unit, the ACS775 has the power to perform.  This fully automatic cut off saw has been designed to cut standard two sided investment cast runner panels.  The programmable cycle allows the operator to set cut thickness, feed rate, cutting wheel speed and tree size to deliver the fastest cycle possible.  

The horizontally mounted depressed center abrasive cut off wheel is measured between cuts and speed is altered accordingly to maintain optimum edge speed of the wheel at all times.  Fully enclosed, this machine contains all dust and hot sparks within the cutting area and allows the operator to perform other tasks during a cycle.

Key Specs

Power 90 kW
Cutting wheel diameter (standard) 600mm
Width of tree (max) 400mm


Specimen Cut Off Saw


The T10 specimen cutting machine enables fast, cool cutting of test specimens in a fully enclosed cabinet for ultimate safety. The hydraulic drive provides a smooth application of power and quick starting and stopping of the cutting wheel. With powered feed of the cutting wheel, a consistent feed rate is maintained reducing operator effort. The machine features a unique ‘joystick’ control of the cutting wheel, parts mounting table, clamp and large viewing windows providing the operator with an unobstructed view of the workpiece and accurate cutting capabilities.

Key Specs

Power 9.5 kW
Cutting wheel diameter (standard) 355mm
Pivot Range 60°


Hydraulic Clamp

Hydraulic clamping may be intergrated for more secure part holding and to further reduce operator effort.

Various Blade Sizing

The T10 is designed to operate with a 14” cutting wheel although different sized wheels may be desired depending on the application. The adjustable backstops allow for cutting wheels as small as 10” to be used.

Laser Line

The laser line can be a valuable tool when lining up a cut. The 90° line generator displays the cutting path onto the part so that the operator can clearly see the projected cutting path.

Reciprocating Table

The addition of a reciprocating table provides the flexibility required for longer cuts to be achieved. This increases the range of part sizes and geometries which can be cut using the T10.



A manual bolt clamping unit is included for simple part clamping. Clamp positioning is fully adjustable and may be placed anywhere along the T-slot table according to part geometry.

Hose-down Gun

A manual hose-down gun is integrated for ease of cleaning after cutting operations. Any loose abrasive material or metallic debris can effortlessly be expelled from the cutting area and collected by the micro-mesh filter located on top of the coolant tank.

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