MPS / MPS EA Manual Cutoff
The MPS Series of power saws offers the best aspects of performance, control and safety currently available in a manually operated cut-off machine. A large cutting area envelope and moving the wheel to the work piece allows for simple work piece clamping. Responsive 4-axis control means that the operator can adapt to variations in both casting and positioning irregularities. The manipulator arm and cutting module can be supplied on either the left or right side of the base frame. This allows greater flexibility when planning for plant layout and also allows for two machines to be placed side by side. Two models are available, the standard MPS and the MPS EA, an extended arm version which delivers a greatly increased working envelope idealy suited to foundries producing larger castings. Standard configuration for both models is 40 HP, fitted with a 20" cutting wheel, however 30HP, 50HP and cutting wheels from 12" up to 24" can easily be accomodated.

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