Servicing Australian Manufacturing for over 50 years

A.W.Bell Pty. Ltd. is proud to be Australian owned and managed. The business was established in 1952 by Alan Bell and is now run by his son Geoff Bell. We are Australia's largest and most sophisticated producer of Investment Castings. Based in Melbourne, A.W.Bell Machinery has the facilities and infrastructure to design and produce economical machines of the highest quality and reliability.

More than 25 years ago, we recognised the need to dramatically improve our fettling operations. As foundry equipment manufacturers the world over had largely ignored the foundry aftercast area, we recognised the crying need to develop economical, functional and reliable machines that would improve productivity and safety and reduce costs.

Now operating out of a purpose built and modern factory, A.W.Bell is a leader in aftercast machinery specialising in grinding, cutoff and high pressure waterblast equipment. Offering a comprehensive range of standard machines, we also have the knowledge and facilities to design and build custom equipment to suit customer requirements.

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